Trollope had a deep understanding of human emotions and motiviations. His writings reveal what he thought about the world around him, and paint an outstanding picture of Victorian society.

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In Victorian England death was very much part of life, with high infant mortality and limited medical knowledge, death was ever-present.

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Trollope's descriptions of the tensions between father and son give us a brilliant illustration of paternal and filial relations.

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Trollope's characters are so real that they live. This is perhaps because Trollope had a great understanding of human nature.

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Love is the one theme that is present in every novel. Without love, Trollope is convinced that no marriage can succeed.

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The political world is central to the whole Palliser series, and Trollope uses his characters to put forward his own political ideas.

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Money and position, property and rank are central to many of Trollope's novels. Explore what he really thought about these central themes.

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Many of Trollope's best loved characters are clergymen, yet Trollope had no experience of living in a cathedral close or of the clergy.

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Many of Trollope's greatest characters are women. Whether a young girl, like Lily Dale, or a vulgar virago such as Mrs Proudie, Trollope's women are amongst the greatest literary characters ever created.

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