Trollope's writing covered every emotion and every situation. Often witt and insightful, Trollope's observations are as true today as when he wrote them.

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Trollope revealed much about himself, his cares and love of writing in his autobiography.

Much of Trollope's writing was about the clergy, and some of his keenest observations were about clergymen.

Marriage is central to Trollope's writing. He shows no marriage can succeed without love.

Trollope shows a deep understanding for people and life.

Trollope enormous capacity for work included much on the skills of a writer.

Trollope considered himself to be a conservative liberal, and used his characters to expound his political beliefs.

Ireland is where Trollope began his writing career, and laid the foundations for his future success.

Trollope's observation and understanding of human nature allowed him to create some of literature's most believable characters.

Trollope's writing of young men shows great understanding for their foolishness, their confidence, and their insecurities.

To define a gentleman was something that Trollope declined to do, but he understood perfectly what a gentleman was.

Trollope believed in being rewarded for work, and considered that it is money that drives civilisation.

Trollope well understood how easy it is for arguments to come between parents and children.

Trollope well understood the changes that old age wrought on people, and allowed his characters to change accordingly.

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