Madalina Demolines


Let the toryism of the Tory be ever so strong it is his destiny to carry out the purposes of his opponents.


Why Frau Frohmann Rasied Her Prices

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Slide, Quintus..

The editor of the "People's Banner," a widely read scandal sheet, who attacked Phineas Finn with great energy, threatened to publish Mr. Kennedy's letter libeling his wife, and upon being refused an invitation to Gatherum Castle bitterly attacked the Duke of Omnium. His paper finally became so involved in lawsuits that he was dismissed."...a young man under thirty, not remarkable for clean linen ...well known and not undistinguished member of a powerful class of men.... And, though he talked of ' 'ouses' and 'horgans' he wrote good English with great rapidity, and was possessed of that special sort of political fervour which shows itself in a man's work rather than in his conduct" (Finn 1:26:217).An important character in Phineas Finn, Phineas Redux and The Prime Minister.

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