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There are women ... who think that the acerbities of religion are intended altogether for their own sex.


Linda Tressel

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Religion and the clergy

Proudie, Mrs.

The domineering wife of the Bishop of Barchester, who vies with Lady Glen and Planty Pal as Trollope's greatest character. She won her struggle with Mr. Slope, the Bishop's chaplain, for primacy in the diocese and drove him out of it, but when conquered by Mr. Crawley and Dr. Tempest she died and released the poor Bishop from his thralldom.

Character criticism:

." of the greatest figures in the Barsetshire chronicles sufficient of herself to insure a comparative immortality for any novel." -Walpole

"It was not only that she was a tyrant, a bully, a would-be priestess, a very vulgar woman, and one who would send headlong to the nethermost pit all who disagreed with her; but that at the same time she was conscientious, by no means a hypocrite, really believing in the brimstone which she threatened, and anxious to save the souls around her from its horrors. And as her tyranny increased so did the bitterness of the moments of her repentance increase, in that she knew herself to be a tyrant--till that bitterness killed her." - An Autobiography

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