Plantagenet Palliser


It is when things go badly with us here, and for most of us only then, that we think that we can see through the dark clouds into the joys of heaven.


He Knew He Was Right

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Religion and the clergy

Lopez, Mrs. Emily (Wharton).

The only daughter of Abel Wharton, and the unhappy and disillusioned wife of Ferdinand Lopez. After her husband band's suicide she married Arthur Fletcher, a childhood sweetheart.

"Emily Wharton was a tall, fair girl, with grey eyes, rather exceeding the average proportions as well as height of women. Her features were regular and handsome, and her form was perfect. but it was by her manner and her voice that she conquered, rather than by her beauty, -by those gifts and by a clearness of intellect joined with that feminine sweetness which has its most frequent foundation in self-denial" - The Prime Minister

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