Finn, Phineas.

On graduating from Trinity, Phineas Finn went to London to read law. His great friend Laurence Fitzgibbon, who was in Parliament, persuaded him to seek a seat and, on his election to represent Loughshane introduced him to London society. His first influential friend and political adviser was Lady Laura Standish, with whom he promptly fell in love. Marriage was impossible as neither had property, and she married Robert Kennedy, while he turned for sympathy to the wealthy and beautiful Violet Effingham. After fighting a duel with Lord Chiltern because of her, and refusing to vote with his party on the matter of tenant right, he was forced to resign his seat. Madame Goesler, who had long been interested in him, wished to finance him in gaining another seat, and, when he refused, offered to marry him. Phineas considered himself bound to a childhood sweetheart, and returning to Ireland he married her. - Phineas Finn

After the death of his young wife, Phineas returned to London to resume his parliamentary career. He was returned from Tankerville, and served the government at various times, as junior Lord of the Treasury, Undersecretary for the Colonies, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Secretary for the Colonies, Chief Secretary for Ireland and First Lord of the Admiralty. In his political life he made a bitter enemy of Mr. Bonteen, and when, following a violent disagreement at the Club, Mr. Bonteen was found murdered, Phineas was accused of the crime. A long, bitter trial followed, but, with evidence secured by Madame Goesler, Phineas was acquitted. Soon after he and Madame Goesler were married. - Phineas Redux

"...six feet high, and very handsome, with bright blue eyes, and brown wavy hair, and light silken beard" - Phineas Finn

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