Lady Glencora


Wise people, when they are in the wrong, always put themselves right by finding fault with the people against whom they have sinned.


Barchester Towers

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Trollope wrote about much more than the clergy and politicians. Explore his tales of love, greed and corruption, of travel, and even science fiction .

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The Chronicles of Barset 

Trollope's hugely entertaining series of novels set among the clergy and landed gentry of Barsetshire.

The Palliser Novels

Politics, power, passion, love, corruption, duty and diamonds - The Pallisers will grip you from the first page.


Find out more about Trollope's view of the world and explore the popular themes of his novels. You can submit your own essay, and find out how to enter The Trollope Society annual essay competition.


Money, wealth and poverty are central to many of Trollope's stories. Find out how much the Eustace Diamonds would be worth today, and discover how poor many of Trollope's characters were.

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