Madame Max


She knew how to allure by denying, and to make the gift rich by delaying it.


Phineas Finn

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Post Office

Trollope joined at the ageof 19 the post office, where he worked as a clerk. In 1841, at the age of 26, he because a postal surveyor in Ireland, and used later his experiences in many novels.

Early career image

Early career

Trollope joined the Post Office as a clerk in London at the age of 19, and to begin with his career was something of a failure.



The opportunity to work as a surveyor's clerk in Ireland transformed Trollope's life. He began to succeed at work, he married, and began to write.

Pillar boxes

Pillar Boxes

Trollope was responsible for recommending the introduction of  pillar boxes to the Channel Islands in 1854 and later to mainland Britain.

later career

Later career

By the end of his career Trollope was a successful civil servant. He travelled extensively on business, and cared deeply about the Post Office.

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